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Free to sing


Sheryl Evans Davis

Sheryl Evans Davis started her career as a kindergarten teacher. She is a passionate advocate for equity, and educational opportunity for all. Davis promotes culturally competent strategies and builds strong partnerships that foster educational success, community safety, and wellness. Davis is the creator of the Everybody Reads a summer learning, family literacy and reading development initiative centering BIPOC youth. She also designed a program of in-school groups and curriculum centered around social justice, racial equity, student wellness and achievement.

Sheryl Evans Davis has written her  first children’s book, Free to Sing. Her book celebrates the gift of song, and encourages young people to express themselves freely and without fear. 

Rudi's Girls is pleased to partner with Sheryl Evans Davis and offer some of her signature products.  We encourage you to support her movement on educating about social issues / self-esteem & self-reliance.


Free to Sing Products

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