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about us


We were honored to see our mother and grandmother display their gift of giving to others at a very early age. Our grandmother and her siblings often volunteered their time, service, and wisdom to those in church, community, and family. Our mother did the exact same thing, but she began creating special things for special people at an affordable cost. We watched her craft gifts, events and memories that would last a lifetime and form repeating customers. I think the most memorable was watching her plan, design and make all our floral arrangements, favors and decorations for our weddings.

We enjoyed going with her to setup for events and talking to the customers. When our mother became the primary caregiver for our grandmother, she sat aside events, planning, and creating. During that time, our mother had us hooked with the crafting spirit plus it was already in our blood. We wanted follow in her footsteps, so we began doing birthday party favors, wedding invitations and favors, hosting bridal showers, etc. People around us told us we should start a business. For years, we didn’t listen! We did service events and gifts for little to nothing and frankly most of the time free. We didn’t formally start our business until 2009 with our first Etsy store.


We knew we wanted to honor our mother and grandmother some type of way, so we name ourselves Rudi’s Girls because we are our mother’s daughters. (Her nickname is Rudi). Our mission, like our grandmother, is to help people create gifts and memories at an affordable cost.

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