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Rudi's Girls Perks Club

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Join Our Club

Are you addicted to custom gifts and discounts?  Well, join the club! 


Rudi’s Girls is pleased to offer a points-based perks club. Each time you spend with us you will be awarded points. These points act as a 'private currency' you can accumulate over time or spend right away on what you want.

  • SHOP - Order through our app or website.

  • EARN - Earn benefits in various ways.  Share with your friends, purchase, gifts and more

  • ENJOY - Enjoy the rewards and complimentary gifts with each level.

How It Works


How to
Earn Points

$1 Spent = 1 Point

Follow on Facebook = 25 Points

Follow on Instagram = 25 Points

Follow on Twitter = 25 Points

How to 

Redeem Points

Use your points to redeem your favorite Rudi's Girls products in our Store

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