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Tracing Boards - 2020

Yes, it has been eight months and we are still in a Global Pandemic, stuck in the house and probably doing a lot of things differently, including how we teach our children.

When we were little, Kourtni and I would play school. Of course, I was always the teacher (being the oldest and bossiest). I would give her the assignment to write her name on the paper and if it wasn't done correctly I would ball it up and throw the paper away. Believe it or not I was teaching Kourtni about her multi-sensory writing and didn't even know it.

Today, we have found a way to bring back some childhood memories by creating a acrylic tracing board to help your children with their handwriting and fine motor practice.

We are offering them at an introductory price, but just for you being a Rudi's Girls customer you can save an additional 5% by using code TeachMe. Start shopping here.

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Rudi's Girls
Rudi's Girls
Nov 05, 2020

Please tell us how we can make one for you.


Ok I use that as a truck driver

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