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Bucket of Cheers

Who is your cheerleader?

Today, while creating a cheerleading bucket, I couldn’t help but think about the true definition of a cheerleader. A cheerleader’s main purpose is to cheer even when the team is losing or falling behind. They will challenge you to your greatest potential. They foster positivity, promote growth and provide open and honest feedback. A cheerleader is the ultimate spotter, ready for you to try out all the stunts and motivate you to land on your feet.

Do you have a cheerleader in your circle? If you are lucky and even blessed you will have at least one person that will cheer you on, encourage you, remind you of your worth, hold you accountable and most of all genuinely love you.

Yes, a lot of people say that you should be your own cheerleader and encourage yourself. But sometimes you just can’t find the strength for your own pep talk, motivation, victory or positive thoughts—this is where a cheerleader comes in. They will fill a bucket full of compliments, words of motivation, encouragement and praises--all to celebrate you. Now, it is important to remember that not everyone can be or is your cheerleader. Those that dismiss you, your dreams and goals aren’t meant to cheer you on and that is okay because you don’t need everyone’s support.

So, tell us who is your cheerleader and how did they fill your bucket?

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